Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Business


During the firing of a display it is the Senior firers (representing the company) sole decision/discretion as to whether the display should be stopped or modified if there are any concerns regarding the weather or safety of the spectators. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the appropriate number of stewards, safety barriers are on hand/in place.


Pyromania Displays Ltd. Have in place 365 days of the year, public liability and product liabilityinsurance to cover a minimum of £5,000,000. This amount can be increased if circumstances require, for which an additional premium fee may be charged.The insurance cover indemnifies Pyromania Displays Ltd against possible claims incurred as a result of negligence on behalf of Pyromania Displays Ltd operators and/or faulty material.

In the case of public displays/events, the organiser is advised to arrange their own independent insurance not involving fireworks. Where losses may be incurred due to bad/adverse weather conditions, it is recommended that a pluvious abandonment insurance policy be purchased. 


A deposit of 30% of the cost of the display is required in order to secure a booking. A booking is deemed accepted on the receipt of the deposit and booking confirmation form, or an official order and deposit and subsequent written confirmation from Pyromania Displays Ltd.


All accounts to be settled in full 4 weeks prior to the displays date. Late payment may result in interest being charged at a rate of 2% above base rate on a cumulative weekly rate, until full settlement is made. If it should be necessary for Pyromania Displays Ltd to recover fees through a court/legal action, the client will incur all additional costs necessary, including all legal costs.

Cancellation Charges

The costs/Penalties for a cancelled display are as listed: up to 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the displays date: 30% deposit will be kept with no further penalty 4 weeks (28 days) or less prior to the displays date: 50% of the display value will be payable If a client should cancel a display on the date of firing, for any reason the full cost (100%) becomes payable.

Please note that to date we have not had to cancel a display due to weather or safety concerns.

Limit Of Liability

Whilst Pyromania Displays shall do everything possible, including alteration of the display, movement of the firing site and/or audience, in order to avoid a cancellation due to the weather. Pyromania Displays shall not be liable for any cancellation due to weather or safety concerns or alteration of a site layout or expected audience location.

In the event of any refund, the limit of Pyromania Displays liability shall be no greater than the contractvalue. Pyromania Displays shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss. Pyromania Displays shall not be liable for any delays or changes to the agreed site, location, conditions or security outside of our control.

Site/Venue Suitability

It is the responsibility of the client to seek/gain permission in the first instance for permission  for a display to be held at the chosen venue/site. Once permission has been granted/obtained Pyromania Displays Ltd will visit assess the site and make a full survey and complete a risk assessment, and if requested liaise with the venue on behalf of the client.


Pyromania Displays Ltd will undertake to fire a display in most weather conditions, and only in the most extreme circumstances may a display be cancelled by the client due to the adverse weather conditions (refer to notes 1 and 2) Cancellation charges may still apply.


Should a client have a complaint with any of the services provided by Pyromania  Displays Ltd they should express and submit this in writing to the Managing Director who will endeavour to resolve the matter to the client's satisfaction.