Extra Sparks

Looking for something extra special then why not take a look at our extra sparks. We offer a range of special additional touches to add to your display to really give it that personal touch.

Driveway Fountains

Driveway fountains are the perfect addition for a really elegant exit from your celebrations.

Please call a member of our team on 01932 874846 for details on pricing

Driveway Fountains

Please call for POA.

Illuminated Push Button Podium

Would you like experience the thrill of starting your very own display? If so then why not look at booking our push button podium?

The big red push button on this podium is illuminated and offers a real adrenaline rush as you launch your display!! and if you like we'll even get your guests to give you a big loud countdown from 10!!

This podium makes for great photo opportunities and is very popular with wedding clients.


Lance Rope

Available in Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green (please check stock availability of your preferred colour with us before booking)

Letters & Numbers charged at £50.00 each.

One initial either side of a large heart £150.00

Burn time: Approx 50/60 seconds

300 Shot Fan - Silver Flashing To Red

This fan cake is also available in Gold Glittering To Blue



Fire Writing

Create your own very personal message for that extra special touch with fire writing.

Letters are approx 20" high and burn in bright orange flames for around 4-5 minutes depending on weather conditions.

One initial either side of a heart - £85.00

Messages are charged at £20.00 per character

Nishiki Kamuro Finale Shell

£65.00 each

Red Heart Aerial Shells

Volley of 3 - £55.00

Volley of 4 - £60.00

Volley of 5 - £65.00

Volley of 6 - £70.00

Smiley Face Aerial Shells

Volley of 3 - £55.00

Volley of 5 - £65.00

Volley of 6 - £70.00

Line of 12 Fountains

Line of 12 Classic Silver Fountains - £85.00
Duration: 40/60 Seconds
Height: Approx 9ft

Need Help Deciding?

If you need advice on your requirements, or would like a 'Bespoke' service, please call: